experience is everything...

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The Emergency Care Consultants of 1st 10' are career professionals in emergency care education, managing emergency operations and providing paramedical services.

The services we can provide include:

  • Provision of Emergency Care Equipment including A+B Kits and AEDs

  • Consultation for Emergency Operations / Procedures

  • Paramedical Services / Advice

  • Training and Education in Resuscitation and First Aid
    * training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909

The 1st 10' Emergency Care Consultants combine their knowledge and experience to provide your workplace, sporting club or school with the resuscitation equipment you need, along with the training to use it when it really matters.

For refresher training or on-going support of your emergency response staff, the professional 1st 10' Emergency Care Consultants can also facilitate informal, open discussions to identify best practice procedures specific to your workplace or review past incidents / events to improve future management of similar situations. 

Every emergency situation is different, so the text books just cannot cover them all. The best source of knowledge comes from the lessons learned through being involved in thousands of different emergencies.

Experience is everything.


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