The 1st 10' A+B Kit

The A+B Kit designed by 1st 10' is a compact airway and breathing resuscitation kit that contains all the basic airway management tools and personal protective equipment to immediately enable the most effective CPR to be performed prior to the arrival of the professional services.


The 1st 10' A+B Kit is designed to be located and used in conjunction with any AED, however it also can be used completely independently in any cardiac or respiratory arrest situation when an AED is not available, or when the AED advises that no shock can be delivered. 


The 1st 10' A+B Kit can be used by anyone with basic CPR training right through to those with professional emergency care qualifications, enabling any responders on scene to immediately perform the most effective resuscitation possible for their level of training and experience. This makes the 1st 10' A+B Kit a must for every workplace or public accessible AED as you never know the level of experience of those who might assist in an emergency. It would be a terrible tragedy if someone with a high level of training was unable to fully utilise their skills and experience simply due to a lack of the necessary equipment being available. 

The importance of an AED is universally recognised as early defibrillation truly can save lives, however defibrillation is only one part of the resuscitation action plan. To achieve the best results, the entire DRSABCD action plan needs to be performed. The patient has only one chance for resuscitation to be successful, let's make it the best chance possible.


For an investment of less than 10% of the cost of an average AED, the 1st 10' A+B Kit can maximise the effectiveness of resuscitation during those first crucial minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.


When every minute counts, what happens in the first ten minutes can truly change a tragedy to a miracle.


For more information or to purchase the 1st 10' A+B Kit, simply email us and request the full brochure and order form.