An Open Letter to 

AED Providers

Thank you for providing and allowing access to an AED.

By providing the AED your organisation is clearly demonstrating that they have a very positive community spirit, as well as an informed understanding of the importance of urgent resuscitation in sudden cardiac arrest events.

As you are aware, early defibrillation is extremely important in contributing towards successful resuscitation. However to be most effective, defibrillation also needs to be performed in conjunction with airway management, rescue breathing and chest compressions. Whilst even the most basic first aid training incorporates these simple techniques, there is still a lot of reluctance from the general public to perform these skills without some additional protective equipment.

The A+B Kit (Airway + Breathing resuscitation Kit) designed by 1st 10′ is the perfect companion for every AED as it provides all the necessary equipment to compliment the AED so that the most effective resuscitation can be performed prior to the arrival of emergency medical professionals. Further, in cardiac arrest situations where the AED advises that no shock can be delivered, the A+B Kit can also be used independently to provide effective resuscitation until the Ambulance arrives.

The 1st 10′ A+B Kit is designed to be used by anyone with basic CPR training right through to those with professional emergency care qualifications, making it the perfect addition to all AEDs that can be accessed by your staff or the public, as you never know the training and experience level of those who may assist in an emergency. It would be a terrible tragedy if someone with a high level of training was unable to perform the most effective resuscitation they were capable of simply due to a lack of the necessary equipment being available with your AED.

For an additional investment of less than 10% of the cost of an average AED, the 1st 10' A+B Kit can maximise the effectiveness of resuscitation during those first crucial minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

When every minute really counts, what happens in the first 10 minutes can truly change an unexpected tragedy to a miraculous recovery.

You already have the AED, please compliment it with the 1st 10′ A+B Kit to enable the most effective resuscitation to be performed whilst the Paramedics are still on their way.

Thank you again for your community spirit.