when every minute counts....
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can turn a tragedy into a miracle

Life is precious. Sudden cardiac arrest can occur unexpectedly anywhere, anytime.

What happens in the first 10 minutes determines if anything else can be done after that. 

Do you know what to do?

Could you do it?

Would you do it?

The Emergency Care Consultants of 1st 10' are career professionals in emergency care education, managing emergency operations and providing paramedical services.

1st 10' is also the global distributor of the 1st 10' A+B Kit (Airway + Breathing resuscitation kit) that is the essential companion for every workplace or public access AED.

If your AED does not yet have the 1st 10' A+B Kit, please email us for a brochure and order form.

For more information on sudden cardiac arrest and why having the 1st 10' A+B Kit with every AED is absolutely essential, please follow the links in the main menu.

When every minute really counts, what happens in the first 10 minutes determines what happens after that. 

1st 10' can help your workplace, sporting club, or public accessible area have the training and equipment to best turn an unexpected tragedy into a life saving miracle.